Dainy Bernstein

Teaching Experience

2018 - Present

Homeschool Tutor

Literature and essay-writing: high-school student
Creative writing: middle-school student

2014 - Present

Lehman College, CUNY

ENG 111: English Composition I
(3 sections)
ENG 121: English Composition II
(4 sections)
(Composition Course Themes: Fairy Tales, Language, Storytelling)
ENG 301: British Literature: Origins to Early Modern
(3 sections)
ENG 305: History of the English Language
ENG 335: Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature
(2 sections)
ENG 336: Critical Approaches to Adolescent Literature

Fall 2018

College of Staten Island, CUNY

ENG 111: Introduction to College Writing
(2 sections)

Fall 2017

City College of New York, CUNY

ENG 251: Historical Survey of British Literature I


Queens College, CUNY

HTH 101 & 102: Freshman Humanities Colloquium (1 section)

Non-Teaching Experience


The Graduate Center, CUNY

Student Employee, Admissions Office


Hostos Community College, CUNY

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Fellow


City College of New York, CUNY

Writing Tutor


2013 - present

PhD Candidate in English

The CUNY Graduate Center
Dissertation: “Chanoch La’Na’ar: Education in Haredi Children’s Literature, 1980-2000.”
Supervisor: Carrie Hintz
MPhil en-route 2018
MA en-route 2016


BA English Literature

City College of New York, CUNY
summa cum laude
Classical Studies Minor


  • Advisory Committee, Medieval Studies Certificate Program, CUNY GC 2018-2020
  • Co-chair, Pearl Kibre Medieval Studies, CUNY GC 2018-2019
  • Member of Working Group for Middle States Review, CUNY GC 2018-2019
  • Event Organizer, “Whan that Aprille Day 2018,” CUNY GC 2018
  • Advisory Board, GC Advocate, CUNY GC 2017-2018
  • Executive Committee, English Program, CUNY GC 2015-2017
  • Co-chair of ESA (English Student Association), CUNY GC 2015-2016
  • Advisory Committee, Medieval Studies Certificate program, CUNY GC 2015-2016
  • Professionalization Committee, ESA, CUNY GC 2014-2015


Reading Proficiency:

  • Latin
  • Old English
  • Middle English
  • Anglo-Norman / Old French

Reading and Speaking Proficiency:

  • French (intermediate)
  • Yiddish (intermediate)
  • Hebrew (intermediate)
  • German (beginning)



“The School of Hard Knocks: The Education of the Hero in Medieval Romances.”
International Medieval Congress.
1-4 July 2019.
Leeds, UK.

“Beetle/Alyce of The Midwife’s Apprentice: A Feminist Version of Medieval Romances’ Noble Male Heroes.”
The International Congress of Medieval Studies.
9-12 May 2019.
Kalamazoo, MI.

“Textual and Emotional Complexities for a Jewish Medievalist.”
The International Congress of Medieval Studies.
9-12 May 2019.
Kalamazoo, MI.

“Grief and Glory: Hebrew Crusade Chronicles and Piyyutim as Deterrents for Adolescent Conversion.” 
International Medieval Congress.
3-6 July 2017.
Leeds, UK.

“Fighting the Past: Medieval Dragons in Children’s and YA Literature.”
October 2016.
The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York.

“‘His varying childness’: Children, Generation, and Salvation in The Winter’s Tale.”
Shakespeare Lives: A Celebration of 400 Triumphant Years.
19 April 2016.
City College of New York, CUNY.

“Hamelech Artus: Concepts of Childhood in a Medieval Hebrew-Italian Arthurian Romance.”
7-10 January 2016.
Austin, Texas.

“Medieval Childhood and Adolescence in the Romances of Horn and Havelok.”
Parenthood and Childhood in the Middle Ages.
8-9 October 2015.
Edinburgh, UK.

“‘Minstrels get about and so do students’: The Role of Emotional Attachment and Historical Accuracy in the Impact of Young Adult Fiction.”
The International Congress of Medieval Studies.
14-17 May 2014.
Kalamazoo, Michigan.

“Enmity and Amity: The Ambivalent Nature of Medieval Jewish-Christian Religious Borrowings.”
Persecution, Punishment, and Purgatory in the Long Middle Ages.
7 November 2014.
The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York.

“Enmity and Amity: Parsing Late Medieval Inter-Religious Ideologies Inside and Outside the Synagogue.”
‘Profitable and Spedful to Use’: Medieval and Early Modern Prayer.
19 September 2014.
Cardiff University, Wales, UK.


“Self-Evident Morals? Affective Manipulation as Social Critique in Henryson’s Fables.”
Words that Tear the Flesh: Sarcasm and Snark in Medieval Literature and Cultures.
Baragona, Alan and Elizabeth Rambo, eds.
Berlin: de Gruyter, 2018.

Review of Neighboring Faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the Middle Ages and Today, by David Nirenberg.
Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures, 42.2 (2016): 274-278.

Panels / Conferences Organized

“Sharing Spaces in Children’s and Young Adult Litreature.”
5-8 March 2020.
Boston, MA.

“Girls to Women, Boys to Men: Gender in Medieval Education and Socialization.” 
The International Congress of Medieval Studies.
9-12 May 2019.
Kalamazoo, MI.

Crossing Boundaries: Towards an Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies. 
3 May 2019.
The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York.


Lynn Kadison Dissertation Year Fellowship
English Dept, CUNY GC

NAEd Spencer Dissertation Fellowship