what happens

what happens to the broken
to the beaten and downtrodden

what happens to the shattered
to the lost and the forgotten

what happens to the people
when the darkness overwhelms –

what happens to us all
when we let evil take the helm

the wise taught stories about forgotten feelings
dream a moment of open doors
she thought life was like a tunnel but she fell very slowly


what if the thing you loved the most
what if the thing that brings you joy
what if the thing that makes life worth living

consumes you
devours you
kills you?

do you look for a cure
long for a remedy?
do you dose it with medicines
douse it with killers?

do you allow yourself
to be consumed, devoured
content in the knowledge
that while you still have life
it will be worth living?

Notes: This is an old poem I wrote a while ago. The title doesn’t make sense unless I explain what prompted this whole thing, and I don’t feel like explaining, so it will remain mysterious…

shout little baby

hush little baby
save all your words
save them until all
your words will be heard

save them for darkness
save them for sun
save them for you
for the you you’ll become


shout little baby
shout all your words
shout to the worlds:
all your words will be heard

Redeem Your Fear
גואל בספר את פחדך – ויעשו כולם אגודה אחת – שבראת תקוה // Through books you redeem your fear – and they all made a single gathering – because you created hope

The Kindness of Philosophers

The Kindness of Philosophers
מחשבות אדם כחול הים. ונאמר, יזכר לעולם כרב חסדיו. Human thoughts are like the sand of the sea. And it is said, he will eternally remember in accordance with his abundant kindness.


This poem’s Google Translate is once again fascinating! Here it is, with one word removed each time:

מחשבות אדם כחול הים. ונאמר, יזכר לעולם כרב חסדיו.
Blue sea human thoughts. And it is said, “He will remember the world as his great benefactor.”

מחשבות אדם כחול הים. ונאמר, יזכר לעולם כרב
Blue sea human thoughts. And we shall say, He will remember the world as a rabbi

מחשבות אדם כחול הים. ונאמר, יזכר לעולם
Blue sea human thoughts. And it is said, Remember the world

מחשבות אדם כחול הים. ונאמר, יזכר
Blue sea human thoughts. And we shall say, remember

מחשבות אדם כחול הים. ונאמר
Blue sea human thoughts. And it was said

מחשבות אדם כחול הים.
Blue sea human thoughts.

מחשבות אדם כחול
Blue human thoughts

מחשבות אדם
Human thoughts


May Monster Madness

I wanted to participate  in May Monster Madness, but time ran away from me. So here’s a a slightly-revised version of an old poem:

Speak to me, princess, whisper in my ear,
stories my troubled young heart wants to hear.

Tell me of fairies, of lightness and cheer.
Tell me of goodness, of things you hold dear.

She whispered to me, sweet princess of mine.
She soothed my young heart with stories divine.

Stories of fairies, of goodness and light,
stories that wooed me safe into the night.

But as I grew up and dreamed these sweet dreams,
my mind made me hear the night’s muffled screams.

I called to my princess but she wouldn’t come.
A figure appeared where once she came from.

The tales she told you, the figure told me,
were but half a tale – there’s more you should see.

I trembled in fear but I took her hand.
She led me down paths that left my dreamland.

I saw that the light had kept darkness at bay,
but the darkness remained – as night pairs with day.

What are you, I asked – she answered me soft:
I’m the monster your tales tried to kill off.

Your princess told you of goodness and light.
She left me and mine to languish in night.

Her light threw a shadow over our dark world.
Her light meant to soothe a scared little girl.

She didn’t tell you of monsters or beasts.
But we live in your woods desiring release.

Let me tell you tales to woo you to sleep.
There’s more to the woods – let me take you deep.

Speak to me monster, whisper in my ear,
stories my brilliant young heart wants to hear.

A Page, A Plan, A Poem, A Video!

Hi friends! By popular demand, I’ve been working on figuring out how to most effectively sell my art-poems. I’m still working on it and am open to further suggestions!

For now, I have a Patreon account through which I can sell some booklets and prints of poems in a limited manner. I’ll be mailing my first booklet of siddur-poems and my first English-language art-poem on June 1st!

If you want to order the booklet or a print, head on over to my Patreon page and sign up for the appropriate patron bracket. Your card will be charged on June 1, and I will then collect the list of patrons and mail the goods. (This is a subscription model, but you can cancel your monthly donation anytime before the first of each month.)

I’ve also made a short little video to showcase some of my work: