I am a PhD Candidate at the CUNY Graduate Center. I am finishing up my dissertation, and I teach composition and literature at Lehman College. I also tutor private students from middle school through college.

My dissertation, “Chanoch La’Na’ar: American Haredi Children’s Literature and Education, 1980-2000,” studies ultra-Orthodox Jewish children’s literature, with a focus on the genres of the literature and its use in educational contexts. Some of the books I discuss in depth are: the Gemarakup: Super Sleuth series; the Kids Speak series; the Tales from the Gemara series; the Artscroll Middos Book collection; the Yossi and Laibel series; The World that Was textbooks; the Holocaust Diaries collection; the Ruach Ami series; the Baker’s Dozen series; the B.Y. Times series.

In addition to Haredi children’s literature, I study contemporary mainstream children’s and Young Adult literature, as well as childhood and education in medieval British literature.

My review of Neighboring Faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the Middle Ages and Today appeared in the Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures. My essay “Self-Evident Morals? Affective Reversal as Social Critique in Henryson’s Fables” was published in the edited collection Words that Tear the Flesh: Essays on Sarcasm in Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Cultures.

Together with Naomi Seidman, I run The Bais Yaakov Project, an endeavor dedicated to the history of the Bais Yaakov movement from its beginning in 1917 through today.