The Boundaries of Pain

when pain burns bright, stirs up a clamor
shuts out the sights of glitz and glamour

when mind and body face exhaustion
fatigued and weary — take precaution

let lights of grief shine bright around you
let noise of horrors’ cries surround you

let in no person, words or thoughts,
who’ll only worsen worries’ knots

set doors and walls to keep you sane
until you’re ready to rise again

and when you rise to meet the day
when you’ve recovered, chased fears away

your friends will be here greeting you
with smiles and cheers awaiting you

blackout poem in green and purple with image of butterfly atop a glass stoppered bottle
les lumières et les bruits de douleur // the lights and the noises of pain
blackout poem in shades of pink with a bird perched on stalks of wheat carrying a half-moon in its beak, and a border of glittering dark pink
il se leva et fleurs étaient à la porte // he rose and flowers were at the door

For Magaly’s Trinkets and Armor 3: Boundaries Save Lives (and teeth).

Images from Hanna Karlzon’s coloring book Seasons.

3 thoughts on “The Boundaries of Pain

    1. Thank you! I used to think I didn’t have any talent for art either, and I still kind of do think that! (The images I use are from coloring books – which reminds me, I didn’t give credit here and I shall edit that immediately!)

  1. Love the rhythm, the way it reads like a chant that has been kissed by wisdom, the invitation to let things out. I know how difficult it can be to let the pain show to everyone, and I also understand how important it is to allow the horrors be seen by those who matter and who can help. And the ending is just yummy, learning (or remembering) that we are never alone (especially when things get difficult)… there is always someone out there who has been there and will answer the cry.

    Oh, and the sparkles around the second blackout made me utter all sorts of cute sounds. 😀

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