Normal Changing

teach me,
i begged,
teach me to be normal.

show me,
i pleaded,
how i can be normal.

you did and then
normal –

a transitory thing,
normal began to change

and when normal changes
i change my normal

i beg no more
i plead no more
i ask no more
to be taught

teach myself, I do —
show myself, I do —
change myself, I do —
and my normal changes with me

For the second week of Magaly’s Trinkets and Armor: “How do you hold on to your Self when life continues changing the rules of the game without warning?” Hop over to her blog and check out all the ways we hold onto Selves amidst changing rules!

6 thoughts on “Normal Changing

  1. A normal that is ever-changing, ruled by the self and the self’s reactions to life. I like that. I like that a lot.

    I also love the very Yoda-like tone of the last stanza, deliciously rebellious in structure.

  2. Oh Dainy, powerful you are. Yoda reference and laughter.
    Gawds, you hit me right in chest with your words. So glad that you have found the strength and determination to no ask others, but rather rely on yourself. You are a kiss ass Yoda……giggles. xoxo Oma Linda

  3. Whenever I have consciously tried to be normal… tried to do what others wanted or expected of me, when it felt unnatural… things went wrong… fast! I’m a firm believer in discovering one’s own version of normal. Love your poem!

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