to see the garden

I tried a new style for my blackout poetry / art-poems. I messed up a fair few times, but I love the result and the style, and I’ll try again with some lessons I’ve learned!

she was going
into that lovely garden
“for it might end, you know”
she alas found
on going into the garden 
she could see but
she had tired herself out
with tears 

The process: I first found my words the way I always do. Then I found an image that paired well with it. Using a lamp placed underneath a glass-surface desk, I lined up the text-page on top of the image, and then painstakingly traced the image (backlit by the lamp) onto the text-page. Up until this step, everything was fine. When I got to applying marker, I didn’t think about how the lines from the image would cut through the boxes of text until it was too late for the boxes up at the top of the page 🙂 When I realized what I had done, I boxed in the rest of the words I wanted to remain uncolored, and then continued with the coloring.

Image from Twilight Garden Coloring Book by Maria Trolle.

In the process: image traced, ready for ink!


3 thoughts on “to see the garden

  1. Tears can leave a soul exhausted, at times…

    About the process, what about erasing the lines that go over the boxes, and not coloring those bits? Unless the tracing was made with pen. If that was the case, then my question is silly.

    1. Lol not silly! I used pencil to trace it, of course, but I forgot to erase the lines inside the boxes 🙂 After I had already done the top bit of the page, I realized what I had done, and I was able to erase the lines for the mid-to-bottom of the page – to nice effect, I think 😉

      1. Blackout accidents make me laugh at me (most of the time). The other day, I finished a piece–the folding, the twisting, the blacking out, the stitching–just to find out that I left a word out. At least I got a good laugh, and my hands got good exercise.

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