A request for monetary aid

Dear blog readers:

I am going to the annual medieval conference in Kalamazoo, Michigan in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, with the pattern of academic earning, summers are almost always financially difficult for me. And for various reasons, this year I’m a little more financially strapped than usual.

Going to the conference is important to me for a number of reasons. After resigning myself to not attending, and feeling like I would regret not doing everything I could to get there, I decided to run a fundraiser on YouCaring and ask friends and strangers for help. It’s a small, seemingly insignificant, cause to ask people to donate to. But it is immensely meaningful to me, and your donations (or sharing the link with others) will help me tremendously.

If you want to help me out financially by requesting a custom-made blackout poem, you can go to the link in the menu at the top of this page! (or here 😉) That way, you’ll give me the gifts of joy and poetry-making and giving, in addition to money!

The fundraiser: https://www.youcaring.com/dainybernstein-1171491


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