בשירי עולם תעלנו בשמחה
בשמחת עולם נקריב באהבה

in world-songs, we will be raised in joy
in world-joy, we will draw close in love


Day 18 of NaPoWriMo.

Notes: I took some extreme liberties with one of the Hebrew words: נקריב actually means “we will sacrifice.” But it has the same root letters as “to draw near” and as a child, when I heard the phrase that means “to bring a sacrifice,” I always associated with “bringing the animal close to the altar.” And of course, the religious explanation for why the two terms share roots is that sacrificing plants and animals to god brings a person closer to god. I prefer not to use the term “sacrifice,” though, even when I’m spinning it to mean something new.  So I’m treating the word נקריב as if it were conjugated נקרב. I also ignored the grammar of תעלנו and made it first-person-plural-passive (we will be raised), rather than third-person-singular acting on first-person-plural (he will raise us).

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