Night Must Remember

“Why must the night be quiet, Mother?
And why must we sleep?”
“Hush,” Mother said, and Little One sighed.

Night settled over Little One,
swirled inside her head.
“Hush,” Night said, and Little One sighed.

“Day is for doing, my darling,
for loving and hurting,
for singing and sighing.

Day forgets, in noise and in bright.
Day leaves pain, waits for the night.

Night must remember.”

night must remember
night must remember

Notes: Day 6 of NaPoWriMo!

Magaly invited us to join in her newly-invented form of Blackout-Prose poetry. This isn’t exactly prose poetry… Because that’s a really difficult form, and what I wrote first worked better when broken up into lines, so there it is. But I do love the idea of creating shorter blackouts to be part of a larger poem!

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