Watercolor Present

My people waited
and I waited with them

Oh, for salvation!
Oh, for redemption!
Oh, for a future ordained by god!
Oh, for that tantalizing dream of

peace and beauty!

We dreamed in vivid colors
in oil paints of gold, white, and blue

the gold of the bais hamikdash
the white of the kohen gadol
the blue of skies

we would fly through

on wings of eagles

We dreamed in oil paints
and the present faded
watered by our tears

a watercolor sketch
as we dreamed in vivid oils.

I wrote the above poem and the below un-haiku separately, but they belong together.
[Un-haiku: My term for what I do when the syllables look like a haiku but I didn’t follow the rest of haiku-rules.]

giving up control
can be so terrifying
but so beautiful


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