Kallah Maidel

Shadchan looked me up and down
Studied me with a thoughtful frown.
Silent lips in a modest smile –
I’m a good girl, I am.

Mirror looked me up and down
Pictured me in a wedding gown.
Grinding teeth in a grip of death –
I’m a good girl, I am.


Image from here.

Notes: After a few of the lines came to me and the poem began to take shape, I had planned to write more stanzas, detailing the various personages who judge and evaluate frum girls – the way some of us (myself included) wanted their approval and yet hated the idea of being the kind of girl they approve of. But I decided to leave it at just this for now, with some visual aid. The image is a drawing of Miss Havisham, in the style of Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

*kallah: bride
*maidel: girl
*kallah maidel: girl of marriageable age
*shadchan: matchmaker

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