Chanukah: Eighth Candle

For the last seven nights, I’ve shared memories of Chanukahs past with my family. Here’s a bit of candle-lighting I did myself this year:

My Chanukah candle this year: with the room light on first, because the flame cast a glare in the camera lens when the lights were off. Description: A purple taper candle stands in a small glass jar, flame lit, surrounded by a red British telephone booth, a Tardis alarm clock, an acorn, a rock, a silver pentacle, two small glass bottles of German alcohol (one empty, one full), a Rosetta Stone souvenir, and a red-and-white lotus incense dish.
A wide-angle view of the same candle as above, this time with the room lights off and the flame casting a glow with shooting spears of light, and with my neighbor’s Santa from across the street waving behind the Tardis. Additional objects on the table: a few pine cones, some pebbles, a small tree branch, a knight-pen standing in its castle-pen-stand, and a bobblehead bunny with blue and red paint patterns.

Selective explanations for some of the items in my menorah:

  • the telephone booth: a gift from my older sister, when she went to London before I had a chance to go. She knew how much I wanted to visit the UK.
  • the Tardis: a gift from my brother, a fellow Whovian and a total nerd, way nerdier than me (hi, Chaim!)
  • the stone in front of the Tardis: a gift from a friend in high school from her trip to Israel.
  • the pentacle: a gift from a friend.
  • the Rosetta Stone souvenir: from the British Museum on my first trip to the UK.
  • the two bottles of alcohol: from my trip to Germany for a friend’s wedding.
  • the acorn: I almost stepped on it and crushed it on my way to teach on the first day of the fall semester this year. It accompanied me to class and then came home with me instead.

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