My Dreadful Poetic Beauty

My Writing is filled with Secrets
coated by Lies.

While the world lives in
perpetual Halloween,
people like Zombies enthralled
by roars of Chainsaws
promising hope,
delivering Bloodshed –
what did you expect?

The sickening Drama builds
like a manic Guitar solo
out of control –


So I write about
So I write about

I write about
Autumn leaves Dancing in the Wind.
I write about
scenes of simple Love on the Sidewalks
I write about
the Music I hear from the Stars
I write about
the Rain sparkling in her Hair
I write about

My Writing is filled with Secrets
coated by Lies.

Photo taken today, during a walk in the park: bare tree trunks and branches draped with vines, the sun’s rays piercing the shadowed foliage, and a bed of leaves covering the ground beneath it all.

Linked to The Imaginary Garden with Real Toads: November Themes. Marian gave us 30 words to choose from, and invited us to use multiple words in one poem, or write multiple poems using these words. I tried to use all 30, but ended up leaving some out 🙂 

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