#tbt: Eye of the Storm


Chanukah 1996, age 8, at the family Chanukah party in Bobby’s (Bubby’s) apartment.

I love this picture of me, messy hair and nebby headband and all. This dress was a favorite of mine for a while. My grandmother sewed it for me, and it had a little flounce at the waist, with sparkly gold all over and cute little flower pretend-buttons.

Of course I was sitting on the floor in the back room, intently reading a book during the party.

The back room was where the kids went to play games while the adults chatted in the dining room (men) and living room (ladies). I imagine this photo was taken once all the cousins had run to the front for the grab-bag, while I stayed behind to read in the rare quiet.

Or, the cousins were still there in the room making a ruckus, and it didn’t matter to me because I had a book in my lap…

Below: in the midst of a game of some sort at this party. My brother in the foreground, me and my cousin to the right, two of her brothers in the background.


5 thoughts on “#tbt: Eye of the Storm

    1. Don’t get me wrong, I had fun with cousins etc! But yeah, that feeling of sitting still while the world swirls around you… (This is not my poem for today, by the way! That’s coming soon – today will be a double-post day 😉 )

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