Kissed by the sunlight, she basks in its glow
Kissed by the raindrops, she lets her thoughts flow
Kissed by the moonshine, she opens her eyes
Kissed by poetry – she revels in rhyme

She moves through her life leaving gold streams behind her
Light as the fairy-wings on which she flies
She breathes in the world and the beauty around her
Soaks up the joy to feed laughs, to heal cries

Notes: I’ve recently realized that I think in the form of poetry fairly often. Normally, I translate those poem-thoughts into prose before sharing with anyone. But now, when I compose couplets expressing how I feel or describing a scene, I’ve been posting them to social media *as poetry*, and it feels far more genuine.

When I mentioned this realization to a friend, she called me “poem-kissed.” [Funny, because she’s the one who got me writing again, she’s the one who taught me forms of poetry that led to an explosion of creation from me.] Anyway, the imagery and emotion of “poem-kissed” fascinated me, and led to this poem.

filename-1 (5)

Image from You Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds, a coloring book by Jenny Lawson.

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