#tbt: Tznius Mindset

This photo was a joke – we pretended to make these women tzniusdig (modest) by using our scarves to cover their exposed necklines. We were being silly, though I don’t know if we were mocking the idea of tznius in general, the school’s policing of our clothing, or our own sensibilities.

It’s still funny. It’s also a little sad for me to look back at my senior trip to Washington and realize how badly we behaved in some places (there’s a pretty bad picture at Arlington that I will not share because it’s so disrespectful. There’s also one that a friend shared on Facebook and tagged me in, a tag I refuse to remove despite my shame at the pose we struck, because it is in fact a part of my past).

Our behavior was probably not that different than most high school groups. But it stings when I look back and realize that if I had been in a high school which didn’t see American history and government as “them,” not “us” and therefore not really important at all, I may have behaved differently.

2006-01 Washington 20

5 thoughts on “#tbt: Tznius Mindset

    1. Ha! Yeah, if I remember correctly, our reasoning was “look, they’re almost totally tzniusdig, they just need to cover their collarbones and we can help with that! hahalol etc”

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