#tbt: January 2014

The first time I wore pants that weren’t pajama pants, for like a week or more I couldn’t stop admiring my butt in the mirror. Finally I just took a picture so I didn’t have to get up and walk to the mirror each time I wanted to see it. I could just pull it up on my phone and marvel at how good I looked when I stopped trying to hide the fact that I have a body.

8 thoughts on “#tbt: January 2014

  1. That’s so cute. The story and the picture. 🙂

    I realized recently that when I buy clothes, my concerns are whether I like the way the clothing looks and whether I’ll be (physically and socially) comfortable wearing it. It never occurs to me to think about how it makes *me* look. The difference between how guys and girls are socialized.

    1. Thank you 😊

      Yeah, thats interesting.

      Of course, as a frum girl I was socialized to think about how the clothes make me look less as a “is it pretty and flattering” and more as a “does it send the right message to others.” Less about pretty, more about prust. What will people say?? What will people think??? If you wear that skirt that shows a hint of the curve of your fifteen-year-old hips, you won’t get a good shidduch and your kids won’t get into good schools!

      I used to envy my brothers a bit that the stakes were lower for them and that their choices were so limited – white shirt and dark suit or pants, with only a little variation available. For us girls, the stakes were so high and yet we had a vast array of choices – but each choice of each article of clothing could determine your entire trajectory in life…

  2. In my yeshivish days, I had six sets of identical white shirts and black slacks. I never had to think about clothes at all.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of frum women wear clothes that look really pretty on the hanger,but are baggy so they don’t flatter the wearer. The clothing is still pretty on the person, but in the same way that it’s pretty on the hanger.

    1. Astute observation. As a BY rebetzin may respond “it doesn’t flatter her body, it flatters her neshama.”

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