Goodnight, Moon

Come, little sun of mine,
Lay down your head.
Your energy’s waning,
It’s time now for bed.

But Ma, I’m not sleepy,
My energy’s fine.
Look, I’ve colored the sky now
In great streaks of fire.

Yes, you’ve colored the sky
In your beautiful rays.
But the world needs your energy
In more useful ways.

What’s more useful than these
Pinks oranges and reds?
Why, look how they glimmer
And turn people’s heads!

Your work is superb.
You’re an artist, I see.
But see what it’s doing
To the hues of the trees?

I see, Ma, I see them,
They’re bathed in my rays.
Their lush green foliage
Turns yellow and fades.

And see, sun, how shadows
Are lengthened and dark?
You need to stop straining,
Give rest to your spark.

Okay, Ma, I’ll sleep now.
But watch over my light
So that in the morning,
I’ll shine full and bright.

Yes, sun, I promise,
While your energy’s worn,
I’ll keep your light shining
Till tomorrow’s bright morn.

3 thoughts on “Goodnight, Moon

      1. Yes, they are. It’s the reason why I like them so much, and so many times wish more people would read beyond the cutesy bits.

        Also, your poem has put me in mind to reread We Have Always Lived in the Castle… Just so I can sing the nursery rhymes. 😀

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