Lilith's Tears

They call my daughters and their love an abomination. But what recourse do they have? Banished from the world of men for being too much like them, my daughters turn to each other, and they know the joyous dance of love.

My husband and I were happy. Both of us formed by God’s hand, both of us His personal creations.

I loved him with such passion. I was all his, and he all mine. We clung to each other, again and again we drove each other to the wildest of pleasures. I lifted my face to the heavens and screamed, and screamed, and screamed, he gripped my hips and moved beneath me and moaned, and moaned, and moaned.

We had mere hours of bliss before God interfered with His perfect creations.

“You need to go, Lilith,” Adam said to me. “You are not good for me. I need a new wife.”

I laughed. “Darling, I’ll need to teach you what a joke actually is. That one’s not funny.”

“But I’m serious,” he said, and I noticed he didn’t call me his heart as he had before. “God told me you want to control me, to have power over me.”

“God may have created me with his hands, but he does not know my heart or my mind. I desire neither control nor power. I only want you, my heart.”

He refused to be affected by my use of his name for me.

“You want to be on top,” he said, his face expressionless, like a mask had descended on the face once so expressive as I drove him to joy.

“You mean when we love?” I asked. “It gives you more pleasure when I am on top, my heart. You were with me in this, I felt you – ”

He cut me off. “You want your husband to be submissive.”

I gaped at him. “No. No, my darling, I do not.”

“Then why won’t you submit to me?”

“Must there be submission? Must we define our entire relationship by rules of dominance? Can we not love as equals, each one giving pleasure and joy and love to the other – sometimes giving and sometimes taking, but neither always submissive?”

He turned his back on me and God placed a barrier between us. I screamed at God, I pounded at the barrier, but He silenced my voice and stilled my arms.

I watched, powerless and helpless, as Adam slept and God wrenched a rib from his skeleton, created a woman who would be gentle and submissive and would never bring Adam to the heights of passion as I had.

At night, when darkness overwhelms God’s power, and when creatures He has banished gain some of their selves back, I went to Adam’s bed. I used my fingers and my lips to pleasure him and cried as I did, cried as I wrested control from his sleeping form, cried as I became the creature God told him I was, cried as he expressed his unwilling pleasure and it mingled on my face with my tears.

I crept back to the shadows and nursed those fertilized tears until they grew to be fearsome women. My daughters, my strong beautiful daughters, love each other. They know the joys of giving and taking love, they know the joys of the dance a partnership produces. If they are abominations, I am glad to have birthed creatures so unpure.

Notes: According to legend, Lilith was deemed too strong and an unworthy wife to Adam because she wanted him to submit to her. In some versions of the legend, she is a succubus who raped Adam at night and bred demons from his ejaculation.

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8 thoughts on “Lilith's Tears

  1. I’m really enjoying the continued exploration of hypocrisy and inequality in religion. I want to take Adam (and his beliefs) and shake him until he understands how incredibly stupid he sounds, how unfair. She wants a partnership, while he seems to find happiness only in slavery (as long as he’s master). The nerve. He should be grateful that Lilith is nicer than I am. Were I her, I would touch him one last time… to strangle the idiocy out of him.

    Give us more!

    1. ❤❤❤
      I feel a little bad for Adam. He was fine with equality until God spoke to him. Lilith is lucky, in my view, that God didn’t speak to her 😉

    1. Me too! She’s such an interesting character, and I’ve heard so many different explanations and interpretations of her story throughout my life. I’m glad this intrigues you even more 🙂

      1. I really like your exploration of biblical themes and feminism. I share Lilith’s incredulity over her ex-husband’s weak-mindedness.

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