The Women of Fire

The hush of hundreds surrounds her. Their stillness envelops and embraces her. The fire blazes and she stares into its depths, silently speaking with faces swirling among the sparks. One by one, her sisters touch their torches to the blaze, and the circle of silence expands. The crackling of flames slices through her silent conversation and the roar of the fire pours into her consciousness.

She touches her torch to the fire and gathers the face of a woman whose identity she cannot know and yet has always known.

the grand-daughters of
the witches you could not burn –
the women of fire

Linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.

4 thoughts on “The Women of Fire

  1. You did a fantastic job setting a scene so vivid and crisp. I loved how lyrical your word choices are in the first stanza….the fire roar’s slicing silence. Just lovely! Thanks for posting to the out of standard!


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