Oh, the Beautiful Mess

I wanted –
clean straight lines.
Clothing smoothed on my body,
no wrinkles, no bunches, no folds.

I wanted –
perfect symmetry.
Food arranged on my plate,
no touching, no spilling, no mixing.

I wanted –
I wanted everything to make sense,
to fit,
everything in its proper place.

I wanted.

Lines insisted on wiggling.
When I moved, clothing twisted and danced.
When I ate, foods bled into each other.
Symmetry giggled at me,
laughing as gorgeous colors spilled out,
chuckling as beautiful curves demanded to flow,
roaring with joy and laughter and sweetness.

Nothing stays in its place.

It moves, and it shines and glitters and sparkles.


Written for The Imaginary Garden with Real Toad’s mini-challenge: Condense a Poem. I bent the rules a little bit, and instead of trying to retain the essence of Pablo Neruda’s poem, I tried to capture my personal response to it.

11 thoughts on “Oh, the Beautiful Mess

  1. This is a wonderfully ‘Beautiful Mess’, Esther! And so familiar. I know those wriggling lines, twisted clothes, bleeding foods and twisting symmetry, and gave up trying to straighten them out. Carry on embracing the beautiful curves and the glittering, sparkling mess! It’s all poetry!

  2. I think you captured the personal perfectly. I also believe that your poem speaks of what poetry is supposed to be–a living thing that changes with the experiences of reach crafter… and reader.

    Oh, and symmetry laughs at us all. I laugh back. 😀

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