Symphonious Cacophony

(For the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Sunday Mini-Prompt with Brendan: Voices)

It’s when I press my hands
to my ears,
screaming “enough!” –

futile attempts to
drown out voices
of the past
of the people
who taught me exclusion and hate –

It’s when I press my hands
to my ears,
screaming “enough!” –

that’s when I feel
hands covering mine,
taking hold and
soothing new voices
of love and acceptance,
of beauty and peace,
of knowledge and joy.

It’s when I press my hands
to my ears
and they’re joined by
so many others –

that’s when I know
I have the strength and capacity
to hold all the voices in my head,
shouting past hatreds
whispering new loves –

and hear my own voice,
still survive,
still thrive.

12 thoughts on “Symphonious Cacophony

  1. Thank heaven for the voices that come later, assure us of our worth, eventually drown out the naysayers. You have expressed this so well. I especially love “still survive, still thrive.”

  2. Few things teach us the value of love and acceptance like haven’t felt and lived their opposites.

    The progression of this poem speaks of the kind of hope we need this days, both as individuals and as a society. In the first few stanzas, the speaker tells us of not hating alone, of having others assist her shout the voices. But her own voice isn’t there. She’s just another howler, a follower of the madness.

    I love that by the end of the poem–when she chants about having learned to love and to accept–she is so much more. She has found other helping hands, and she has learned to be a good force on her own. That’s a wonderful thing to witness… and to feel.

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