Ribbons Dripping Healing

This is my poem for Magaly’s Witches in Fiction 2016. Check out links for all the other participants here.

Another day, another conversation
a social media thread
where the definition of reply ignores
that someone has spoken before.
She reads in horror
the unfolding of voices
speaking to speak,
not willing to hear.

Enough! she slams
the heels of her palms to her temples,
she wells her eyes,
she ribbons out of her ears.

Cannon-shot ribbons,
crack out – out – out –
spreading their streams.
Floating, wafting, encircle the world.

A crisscross web of rippling glistening ribbons.
Whispers reach the ribbons, murmurs of desperation,
hear me, hear me – hear me!
Whispers and murmurs so loud,
so strong, so harsh, they
almost tear the ribbons to shreds.
Drops gently release
from the web of rippling ribbons.

Whispers feel the droplets
touching down on their faces,
seeping into skin
and the whispers quiet a moment,
just a moment,
in shock
then whisper stronger,
murmur louder,
desperate, urgent –
you hear me.
I hear you.

Ribbons floating above
and droplets seeping into every one below,
the world unites in whispers and murmurs
and the droplets are joined by tears
seeping from the whispers and murmurs.
You hear me.
I hear you.
Your whisper does not threaten mine.

And back in front of her computer screen,
eyes squeezed shut flowing droplets,
ears streaming ribbons,
hands clutching her head –
for a moment she sees
a world of ribbons and streams and murmurs in harmony –
a blend of opposing voices –
and she resolves to be ribbons and streams
streams and ribbons
ribbons and streams
as long as she can.


18 thoughts on “Ribbons Dripping Healing

  1. This is such an astute observation of both the madness and the understanding that can be found in equal parts on the web. Thank heavens for the latter, because those voices from half way across the world can be exactly what we need to heal, and we wouldn’t have discovered it any other way.

  2. Oh❤️ this is so beautiful and poignant both at the same time, and yes you have captured the essence of what goes on in our world as we proceed to heal ❤️ Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  3. Oh for that day, when all those ribbons weave a magical blanket of love and understanding over the world XXX

  4. Like Rommy, I see all sorts of truthfulness (ugly and wonderful) in your poem. The way the web (and the media in general) has been affecting society lately is scary. Some people seem to shout at everything without care for hearing what’s going on, even worse… without understanding a things. It’s terrifying. But when we find a person (or 31) who shares our “ribbons”, we know that there is hope. We just have to reach out…

    “I hear you.”

  5. This is a brilliant depiction of madness in the world we live in. I can relate to ” the whispers and murmurs so loud, so strong, so harsh…” But the understanding at the end of your poem, and where all come together in harmony is hopeful. May we always make time to hear each other. Powerful write!

  6. You certainly hit upon a universal truth. We all want to be heard. The web gives us that platform, but people are so desperate that they forget that other people need to be heard, also. Very thoughtful, well-written piece!

  7. Your words perfectly evoked the cacophony that is social media… But amidst the sea of noise, you do find islands of friendship and real connection… It’s such a double-edged sword. *sigh* Beautiful poetry!

    1. Thank you! I had thought of the ribbons as just the wish that things would be better. I love that people are interpreting the ribbons as actual comments, as threads of social media friendships that do exist. It’s so beautiful to read it that way, and I’m glad you all made me see that <3

  8. Social media, such a curse & such a blessing, we need to control our response & action against the injustice, band together to heal the rotting world to the pain we see uncovered on mass on our screeens in our homes yet still enjoy the good things it brings (ok cat videos mostly) I loved this post, so thought provoking!

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