To My Gastrointestinal Drugs

You forgot to mention when you said
You’ll bring my insides to perfection,
Unbearable nausea and lightheadedness
Included as part of that correction.
So now with my best French accent on,
I fart in your general direction.

Lest anyone give me credit (or blame) for that last line, here’s its context:

This poem was written as part of Magaly Guerrero’s Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month. Other poems for this prompt are here.

9 thoughts on “To My Gastrointestinal Drugs

  1. I’m laughing sooo freaking hard! I might have to recite this to my GI doctor–in my best French/Dominican accent. 😀

    Goodness, medications come with so much baggage. And the only way to tolerate them is to laugh until we pop (terrible pun completely intended).


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