Drunk on a Train

Sway rocking gentle motion
But I know it’s not the ocean
All the green that’s flashing by
Stamps itself on my minds eye

Give me more of that sweet potion
As I feel the locomotion
Memories erase themselves
Books that fly right off the shelves

To the brim filled with emotion
Contemplate the wondrous notion
Barreling through time and space
Beyond all thought and in no place


(A friend mentioned getting drunk on a long train ride. Then this happened. I may or may not have been drunk myself when I wrote it… I was not, however, on a train.)

4 thoughts on “Drunk on a Train

    1. Thank you! I heard a poem in the phrase “drunk on a train” but refused to write anything until I heard a good rhythm for it. So I just let it ruminate for a bit, and a couple days later, I heard this rhythm in my head and the words followed 🙂

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