Oh, For a Snowless Summer

I stand with arms spread wide
Laughing up at the sky
As swirling bits
Of fairy-light flakes
Dust flushed cheeks
Tangle themselves in lashes
Framing twinkling eyes.

I revel in it, swept up in the joy.

And then I leave and wander off,
Still flushed at first but soon enough
The thrill, the wonder, the delight
Fades to shivers and chills,
Cheeks dry, lips cracked,
Drops of blood beading on the surface
Of dry, cracked skin.

Next time that finger crooks, beckons
Inviting me into that chilly delight,
I know I’ll smile and follow it out.
I will remember the joy,
The flushed cheeks and laughter,
The airy wondrous lightness of being.

I know if I go I will
Freeze, thaw, bleed –

It’ll heat you up and leave you cold.

One thought on “Oh, For a Snowless Summer

  1. You have a way with final lines, the play of words, the picture they conjure… I see her blood, her frozen bits, the softness of the day after, the heat that’s so hot that leaves her cold.

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