The Dark Lets Me See You

Sitting in a darkened theater
I’m painfully aware
of the person sitting next to me.

I want it to be you.

If it were you
I’d reach out and
know I can

but it’s not you
and I pull my arms closer
to my side.

A stranger’s arm
physicality of closeness
in its thin imitation

so sitting in a darkened theater
I pretend
that the person sitting next to me
doesn’t exist.

In a dark, now empty theater,
I clutch my arms close
to my chest,
and in my arms
in my chest

I feel you there

and in the darkened theater
you’re with me for a moment.

One thought on “The Dark Lets Me See You

  1. This absence holds so much pain. I can feel it squeezing against the speaker’s chest… even in the imagined “moment” when the subject is touched, the pain seems to remain. So much emotion…

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