On a Brooklyn Sidewalk

Edited and retitled 7/8/2015

The leaves fall down, autumnal days
Their colors flare and slowly fade
Bare trees above, their branches sway
As on the ground the leaves lie still

No motion from the leaves now still
Their days of dancing gone away
But when the wind blows through their ranks
They flutter though they have no life

And as they crumble into bits
Begin to disappear from sight
We watch their outlines smudge and fade
They dissipate into the air

It seems they’re gone and none remain
The shreds now tumble far and wide
They’ve spread across the atmosphere
Become as one with all that’s there

And yet the ground retains their stains
The outlines of the leaves still clear
Their colors all have gone but one
That one combining all the rest

We cannot hold these stains of leaves
Our hands can never feel their veins
What good are stains when crumbled bits
Are tumbling unseen through the air?

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