I remember a time we all stood together
Boughs intertwined forever and ever
Feeding off each other’s strength
Rippling waves through every length
Through every branch, through every leaf
Banish sorrow, banish grief.

A canopy spread all around
Covered and protected ground
Through the leaves, soft and bright
Sunshine filtered peaceful light
Kept the burning rays away
Shadowed trunks, eternal shade.

But when a ray struck hard and fast
And burning fire had been cast
Leaves withered, branches bent
Cracked and shattered shaded tent
Sudden circles of unbearable heat
Our branches beat a hasty retreat.

Curled to our sides, branches healed
Sheltered trunks, comfort sealed
Each of us focused on staying sane
Each of us nursing our own pain
Kept our boughs curled in tight
Blocking out each other’s sight.

And when we dared to raise our eyes
We saw the branches begin to rise
But they rose again not as before
A canopy there was no more
Now trunks are shaded each on its own
A grove of trees now separately grown.

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