Pain Blooms Again

The tangled vines now withered and black
Finally lie on the ground
You threaten to raise them and bring them back
Wind moving them all around

Hints of old life start to show through
Blinding with brilliance of green
I’m filled with fear at the sight of that hue
I don’t want to see that bright sheen

They should have been burned, they should have been killed
Once dead, they should have stayed down
But now I see as long as I’m filled
With them, they’ll never drown

But now I grab hold of them in my hands
Ready to uproot them all
I’ll gather up all the small little strands
Won’t let a single one fall

I’ll cast them out, won’t keep them inside
Won’t step back and give them their space
Compassion and kindness I’ve already tried
Now I rid myself of their trace

I’m still left with the rubble, those shattered spears
But at least now I can see all the cracks
And now I can clear out the floods and the tears
And choose how I will fill those tracks

Where will these vines go when I’ve thrown them out?
There’s only one place they can stay
They’ve come from you and the new life that sprouts
Stems from the words that you say

So they’ll take up lodging in the place where they grew
Add to tangles already there
But I’ll close my doors and won’t see them or you
I’ll focus on my concrete bare.

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