Transplanted Tribes

Saplings don’t grow
straight and tall
all on their own.
Saplings grow in
a grove of trees
and they stand tall,
proud posture,
because the other trees
so tightly packed
around them
force their shape
straight and tall.

But saplings transplanted,
drooping branches,
bending trunks.
No trees tall and straight
to guide the
tender saplings.

And saplings transplanted
try to stand tall,
tall and proud,
straight and tall.
Fight the bend,
fight the sway,
and crack from
unrelenting winds and rain
without old strong trees to
bear the brunt of it.

But saplings transplanted
with other saplings transplanted
bend and sway,
straighten and droop,
but never break,
never crack,
because they bend and sway,
straighten and droop,
droop and straighten

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