The Best Souvenirs Cost Little but Are Worth Much

If you travel to get away
from yourself
they say
in vain
you take yourself
with you

But what if you travel to
To leave behind
the noise that
fills to capacity
so that your self
is pushed out
overflows the container
no room for that
with all the noise

At journey’s end I sit
waiting for the bus
to take me back
to the noise
And this time I swear
this time, I tell my self,
I will keep my grip
on the bits of self
that I’ve made room for,
scraps that fell over the side
when the noise filled the space
Now I gathered them up
brought them back inside
and this time those bits of self
will not be overflowing scraps
but will fuse and expand and fill
and take up space
displace the noise.

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