What They Don't See

(Dedicated to Robin Williams)

You’re brave and courageous, a fighter to the bone
At least that’s what they say.
They see your struggle with admiration of your tenacity
But they don’t see your struggle.

They don’t see
The strength it takes to get up in the morning,
The strength that feels not like strength
But like the weight that presses you down,
Getting up is the weight that presses you down.

They don’t see
The fight to make it through the day,
The fight that feels not like a fight
But like the path to destruction,
Making it through the day is the path to destruction.

They don’t see
The determination to force a smile through,
The determination that feels not like determination
But like the dynamite that will blow everything up,
Forcing a smile is the dynamite that will blow everything up.

And when you’ve been pressed down,
When you’ve followed that path to destruction,
When everything has been blown up –
How sad, they say,
How sad, what a struggle he’s been through,
What strength
And fight
And determination
He showed,
But he lost.
And they can’t see that it was the strength, the fight, the determination,
That made you lose that struggle.

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