War Against the Mirror (2010)

(Title from P!nk’s “Don’t Let Me Get Me”)

i make it a point to
avoid her
i hold my back straight, hurry to
pass her
she knows just how to
get me
she catches my eye to
taunt me
i do all i can to
ignore her
i turn my head away to
spite her
she waits silently to
catch me
she traps me, ensnares me to
show me
i get mad and start to
confront her
i stop dead in my tracks to
shock her
she looks like she’s about to
consume me
she slowly starts to
despise me
i glare at her, try to
convince her
i pound my fist on her to
suppress her
she doesn’t move, she’s there to
flaunt it
she taunts me
to spite
i confront her
to shock
she convinces me
to despise
you win

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