I study children’s literature and medieval literature. I’ve published on medieval fables, and I’ve presented on childhood in medieval British romances; childhood in medieval Hebrew texts; and historical fiction for children.

Non-binary – they/them


I teach composition, medieval literature, and children’s and YA literature at Lehman College, CUNY. I also tutor students from middle school through college. I sometimes blog about my teaching, which you can read here.

My students are primarily home-schooled middle-school and high-school students whom I teach via Skype. I also tutor college students who need help with writing skills. Visit this page for more information on the services I offer.

My dissertation studies ultra-Orthodox Jewish children’s literature, organized by genre. This page features some of the books I study.

The Bais Yaakov Project

Together with Naomi Seidman, I runĀ The Bais Yaakov Project, an endeavor dedicated to the history of the Bais Yaakov movement from its beginning in 1917 through today.

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Using pages from books that have significance to me, I relax and unwind by creating blackout poems. I often include images from coloring books, so I refer to my creations as “artpoems.” Check out some of them on this page.

Most of my memoir blog posts are about my childhood and adolescence as a girl raised in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish home in Boro Park.