This is a blog by, for, and about me, Dainy Bernstein: femme-fluid, teacher, student, scholar, ex-Orthodox Jew, bisexual, poet, person. You’re welcome to eavesdrop as I talk to the various parts of myself. The tabs at the top of the page will lead you to blog posts about some of the aspects that make up my life.

My art-poems will soon be available for sale! Prints will be life-size with borders suitable for matting and framing, and will be $20 per print + shipping. (Images of the art poems are coming soon at this link and will be available to order via this Google Form!)

Check out my Patreon page too! I’m working on a project of patron-exclusive art poems using Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Sign up for just $1/month to get access to this series as I create them!